About Us

Pick-Up Propane™ is a part of Kamps Propane, a Kamps family propane business begun in 1969 and still based in Manteca, California. Unlike other propane tank exchange companies, Pick-Up Propane™ is a Western company with local employees who live in your community. When you cook with Pick-Up Propane™, you are supporting your local retailer and our California-based business.

Pick-Up Propane™ is the easiest way to buy barbecue propane. We manage the propane tank exchange process for small business owners who offer our convenient propane tank exchange solution at locations in California and Nevada. Pick-Up Propane™ retailers offer the simple way to buy propane when you need it – clean, inspected and pre-filled tanks, ready for pick-up 7 days a week. Some locations are even open 24 hours a day!

Pick-Up Propane™ is designed to be an easy solution for retail store owners as well as for barbecue cooks. Our trained staff provides all of the support from the installation of your propane tank storage cage to the merchandising and sales training. Pick-Up Propane™ allows local store owners a simple way to sell propane gas for barbecues without expensive training or significant upfront cost. Our storage cage on your property constantly reminds your customers that you have this useful fuel when they need it. We keep it stocked, you keep it locked and the rest takes care of itself!

Pick-Up Propane™ is the barbecue tank exchange operation of Kamps Propane. Kamps Propane is a family-owned, local energy company based in Manteca, serving homeowners, agricultural, commercial and industrial customers from San Diego to Lake Tahoe. In addition to providing barbecue tank exchange through retailers, Kamps also operates Kiva Energy, a wholesale business offering bulk sales throughout the Western U.S.