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Pick Up Propane is California’s leading supplier of propane tank exchange for retail businesses. We deliver pre-filled 20lb BBQ tanks to our network of retail sales locations, making the opportunity to sell propane simple, safe and profitable.

  • We make it simple – becoming a Pick Up Propane dealer is fast and easy.
  • We keep it safe – Pick Up Propane is the safe alternative to filling cylinders.
  • We make it profitableĀ – our program is a proven boost to your bottom line.

We have two high-capacity production facilities in California. Our state-of-the-art facility in Jurupa Valley has a fully-automated system that can wash, paint, fill, and sleeve 20lb propane tanks. Our commitment to our retailer is to provide the very best service in the industry so you can count on us to maintain your supply and help you grow your propane revenue stream.

Are you ready to get in the propane business or need a better supplier?

You have come to the right place!

Becoming a Pick Up Propane tank exchange retailer is easy. We have a simple Service Agreement that you complete to open your account and then we can start the process of getting your installation and first delivery scheduled.

Here’s the basic process for becoming a Pick Up Propane retailer.

  1. Complete and submit the form on the bottom of this page to contact our team.
  2. Complete a Service Agreement to open an account.
  3. You choose your tank locker location and obtain any required permits.
  4. We deliver and install the tank locker and your initial tank inventory.
  5. We supply the necessary training and support for your staff.
  6. You sell Pick Up Propane to your customers, we bring more as needed.
  7. Everyone communicates to keep the business on track and growing!

Propane is a great addition to your storeĀ – American’s have chosen propane as the #1 way to safely and conveniently enjoy the pleasure of cooking outdoors. Running out of propane is a reason why people in your area will visit a nearby retailer so why not let them buy that fuel at your store? Nearly every propane tank exchange sale will include other items – ice, drinks, snacks, etc. – so when you think about propane tank exchange, think about the sales you can make ALONG with the money you’ll make selling propane.

Don’t put the opportunity off – Pick Up Propane is ready for you – Pick up the phone and call us today to start the process! Call Us Today at 866-492-4321!

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