Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to become a Pick Up Propane retailer?

The upfront cost to become a Pick Up Propane retailer depends on the location and the amount of cylinders that will be stored at your location. Many counties require a permit for the installation of a propane tank storage cage so that cost is an up-front expense for the retailer. Pick Up Propane does not pay for permits or any other site preparation required in order to install the storage cage at your location.

Will I need any special equipment?

You will not – Pick Up Propane tank exchange is a simple and easy process. Your customer will bring you an empty tank that your employees will inspect to verify that it’s serviceable for exchange. Serviceable tanks are exchanged for one of our pre-filled tanks and the customer pays you for the service. No special equipment is required.

What about training?

We provide the training for our Pick Up Propane tank exchange retailers. We’ll explain the process and all of the safety steps you must follow to keep your customers, employees and property safe. One of the reasons why so many retailers not offer propane tank exchange is because it’s safe and easy when you follow the proper procedures.

What does it cost?

There are three (3) prices (new sale, exchange and upgrade) for Pick-Up Propaneā„¢. If your customer doesn’t have a tank to exchange they will pay for the cost of the fuel and the tank (new sale). If they bring a serviceable tank for exchange, they simply pay the exchange price (fuel only). If they have a tank that is not serviceable, they will pay the upgrade charge (for a serviceable tank and fuel).

Can I accept a competitor’s tank?

You can and we do, every day of the week. Our locations are typically much more convenient and we see tanks from other companies all the time. Yes, we will allow you to exchange any serviceable 20lb barbecue gas tank for a clean, safety-inspected Pick-Up Propaneā„¢ tank. Non-serviceable tanks must be upgraded.